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The 20/C comes standard with slotted weights for fast and easy removal, allowing you to tailor the machine to the specific needs of your work surface. Adjust from the standard weight of 164 pounds or with full weights, 329lbs. The EBG-20/C and the EBG-28 both include a vibration reducing Isolated Handle. The Dust Containment Kit comes Standard on both the EBG-20/C and the EBG-28. The Dust Containment Kit reduces airborne particles allowing you to breathe easier. Attach our NEW! HEPA Dry Vac Kit or a shop vac to the machine to make dust almost non-existent. Square Scrub® EBG Series Floor Preparation machines are designed to apply even and consistent pressure to the surface. So you get maximum use out of your SQP Pad, Sandpaper or whichever tool you are using. Our NEW Grip Face allows any tool to adhere even better to the machine - Significantly reducing slippage. Reducing the slippage between the pad and the grip face causes less friction between the pad and the plate. This allows more power transfer to the work surface and reduces pad wear. The EBG-20/C & EBG-28 Surface Preparation Machines features a 10 Gauge Powder-Coated Steel Frame, a smooth 3450 rpm motor, and 50-foot, 14 gauge power cord with lighted hospital grade plug. The EBG Machine's Adjustable Handle just got better! Lock the handle to suit your needs with the NEW Notched Handle.
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