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Blue Tile & Grout Pad - Velcro Backing
White Driver Pad
Blue Driver Pad
White Pad
Xtreme Sponge
Doodle Scrub® Switch
Doodle Scrub® Carry Strap
Doodle Scrub® Grip Face - White Velcro
Doodle Scrub® Handle Trigger
Doodle Skate® Motor Ext. Cord

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4.75" x 10" Tile & Grout Pad

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5.25" x 10.5" White Driver Pad




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5.25" x 10.5" Blue Driver Pad




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5.25" x 10.5" SHO Pad




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5.25" x 10.5" SQP Pad




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5.25" x 10.5" White Pad




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5.25" x 10.5" Xtreme Sponge pad




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SS 051104

Doodle Scrub® Switch

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SS 051190

Doodle Scrub® Carry Strap

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SS 051103V

3.75" x 9" Doodle Scrub® Grip Face

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SS 051180

DoodleScrub® Handle Trigger

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SS 100050

Doodle Skate® Motor Ext. Cord

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Our BLUE Tile and Grout pad is best on grouted tile floors, but can be used very effectively on terrazzo, poured non-slip, concrete and other uneven floors. The new velcro backing reduces friction between the plate and pad. Use wet on several surfaces. The Driver pad is designed to provide a spacer between your sandpaper and the machine. Just 1/4" thick. Use this pad with sandpaper and resin diamonds. Always check spacer and driver pads frequently for wear and replace as needed to protect machine and floor. This medium to heavy duty Blue pad can be used for heavier cleaning and buffing situations but primarily used as a spacer pad. Always check spacer and driver pads frequently for ware and replace as needed! Use wet or dry on VCT and tile. Can be used for heavier cleaning and buffing situations. The SHO pad should be used only for the heaviest of chemical stripping jobs. Extremely abrasive and heavy, dense fibers. Best when dirt and buildup are severe. Use wet with a Blue Driver Pad on VCT and tile. The SQP pad is a thin pad designed to remove Remove several layers of acrylic finish to prep for re-coating. Use dry or wet on VCT and tile. The White pad is used as a light duty polish pad. The 1" thick pad is used without a driver pad and is great for spreading chemicals while buffing. For the removal of scuff marks on VCT or bathroom tile. Just add water and this melamine pad deep cleans between refinishing jobs. Use wet on VCT. The switch is the ignition for the Doodle Scrub®. Located in the handle, this internal piece is easily and quickly replaced. Stainless steel side plates make it easier than ever to transport the Doodle Scrub®. The Doodle Scrub® grip face reduces friction between the pad and the plate. This allows more power transfer to the work surface. Replace only when the teeth on the Grip Face are worn. The Handle Trigger makes it easier than ever to operate the Doodle Scrub®, while greatly reducing user fatigue. The Doodle Skate Motor Extension Cord is for extending the cord length between the Doodle Scrub handle and motor for increased mobility.
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